Q:  How do I get started?

A:  Call us at (615) 451-2805.

Q:  What type of container can I use?

A:  Any container 64 gallons and less.  Or your favorite bin.

Q:  Do you accept credit or debit cards or pay pal?

A:  Yes, Visa or MasterCard.  We pass along a transaction fee that is added to the amount due.

We also accept checks, cash, and  money orders.  We recommend setting a scheduled payment through your banks “Bill Pay” option.  Please use your address as your account number if you choose to use the “Bill Pay” option.

Q:  When are my payments due?

A:  All payments are due by the 10th.  Failure to receive a bill does not exempt you from the payment due.

Q:  Why did you leave the Styrofoam in my bin?  It has an emblem and a number on it.

A:  The number specifies the type of Styrofoam and not plastic.  You may take the clean meat trays to Publix or the packaging peanuts to The UPS Store or to Pony Express.

Q:  Why do you leave the bagged recycling in my can?

A:  The Recycling Facility does not allow any trash bags.

Q:  Do you take glass?

A:   No, the Recycling Center does not accept glass.

Q:  Why do I have to empty and rinse my plastic milk jugs or orange container or any other containers?

A:  They must be emptied and rinsed because this is recycling, not trash.  If the recycling is not clean, the food/waste materials will contaminate other clear recycling material.  They will be left outside the recycling bin if this occurs.

Q:  All of my recycling will not fit in my bin?

A:  Place in another container or bin, not too large.  No plastic bags.

Q:  Why did you leave the cardboard boxes?

A:  All cardboard has to be broken down to lay flat.  If the boxes are large like furniture, tool, exercise, or grill boxes, cut them into smaller pieces.  Do not fold.

Q:  I did not receive a bill and why is there a late fee?

A:  Failure to receive an invoice or statement does not exempt you from the payment that is owed.