(615) 451-2805

We provide a dependable weekly trash removal service to the Sumner County Residents including areas around Gallatin, Hendersonville, Castalian Springs, Cottontown, Bethpage, and Westmoreland.  We also service businesses in Gallatin and Hendersonville, TN.


  • All routes begin at 6:00 AM.  We ask that all trash be out and ready for pick up at that time on your scheduled day.
  • Trash must be in bags and tied.  This prevents litter.
  • Please do not make the bags so heavy that one can not left them to throw over truck sides.
  • Cardboard must be broken down to lay flat. Not tied together or in bags.  Place packaging in a bag and tie.
  • Our fees are based on one 96 gallon can for a single family household.
  • Do not place dirt/sod/brick/concrete/rock/wood/metal in your cans for weekly household trash removal.  Call us to schedule a pick up.
  • If you have extra items, call ahead.

Call (615) 451-2805 for rates.  We have special rates for our trash and recycling customers.  If you do not recycle and wish to begin, click here.

We accept checks and money orders.


  • Tires or car parts
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous materials
  • Flammable materials
  • Wet Paint cans or wet paint trays, brushes and rollers
  • Oil or oil filters
  • Gas or Fuel containers
  • Propane tanks
  • Helium tanks
  • No loose or hot ashes

Special Haul

We do special haul jobs when you are cleaning out your home, garage, barn, office, attic, basement, left over yard sales, spring cleaning and final estate clean outs. We can remove and dispose of appliances, furniture, small equipment, lawn clippings, brush, tree limbs, and construction materials and remodels. Please call to schedule an appointment. Fees will depend on the job.

* Returned check fee is $25.00
* We reserve the right to refuse service.
* Failure to receive a bill does not exempt you from the payment owed.