(615) 451-2805

Tired of separating, wish you had your garage floor back, tired of having to take it to the recycling centers to find that they are too full or closed? Call us at (615) 451-2805.

We provide a weekly curbside recycling removal service. Our fees are based on a 64 gallon or less bin. You may use a clean trash bin.

What is single stream? No separating the recyclables into different bins or plastic bags.  If you have large cardboard broken down, you may lay it to the side of the bin instead of trying to place it it the bin.  Saves room for other single stream.

Where does the recycling go? Our entire single stream goes to the QRS Center at the River Hills Facility Nashville, TN. Click the video to see how the recycling materials are separated and where the items are sent to be recycled into new products.

Single stream short list:

[button link="http://gordysgarbageandrecycling.com/wp/how-to-prepare-your-recyclables/" color="darkgreen" size="medium" stretch="" type="3d" shape="pill" target="_self" title="" gradient_colors="|" gradient_hover_colors="|" accent_color="" accent_hover_color="" bevel_color="" border_width="" icon="" icon_position="left" icon_divider="no" modal="" animation_type="bounce" animation_direction="up" animation_speed="1" animation_offset="" alignment="" class="" id=""]How to Prepare Your Recyclables[/button]

Phone Books
All Mail
Metal Cans
Aluminum Cans
Aerosol Cans

Other items, call ahead for arrangements
Computers, monitor

Pie Pans
Aluminum Foil
Food Cans
Plastic Containers
label 1 – 7
Plastic Food Jars or Plastic Drink Bottles
Milk cartons
Shredded paper
Paper towel rolls
Toilet paper rolls